WP8 – Dissemination
WP Leader: Sandra Laskowski/Friedemann Wenzel – KIT

As the core of REAKT is the development of applications for real-time earthquake risk reduction, this work package aims at the best possible dissemination of research results to end users in different sectors by developing a knowledge base. In addition, the results of the REAKT project will be disseminated to the research community. Importantly, the results will also be streamlined with European civil protection activities as reflected in the working paper 'Towards better protecting citizens against disaster risks' (SEC (2007) 1721 of 14.12.2007) and the EU initiative on the prevention of natural and man-made disasters (DG ENV/ECHO, COM 2009 82). The key objectives of this WP are the following.
- To develop technical guidelines and formats for the reference reports concerning research results and examples of applications.
- To develop and implement promotion and dissemination processes for outputs of the project. Specifically, these processes are portal development, webpage maintenance, an e-learning tool for training and other educational materials.
- To identify various potential applications in the public sector (e.g. civil protection and operators of critical facilities) and private sector (e.g. various industrial production facilities and operators of lifelines) by developing a knowledge base and a standard format for reporting early warnings.

Structure of the WP
Task 8.1: Dissemination, processes, products and web portal
Task 8.2.: European reference reports (guidelines and recommendations)
Task 8.3: Development of knowledge base
Task 8.4: Developing and maintaining contacts outside the EU
Task 8.5: Training and direct knowledge dissemination
Task 8.6: Raising public awareness and engaging with Citizens through the use of social networks