WP6 - Strategies and tools for decision making
WP Leader: Thomas Leguenan - BRGM

The overall goal of this WP is to build a detailed methodology for optimal decision making associated with an earthquake early warning system (EEWS) and with operational earthquake forecasting (OEF) in order to facilitate the selection of risk reduction measures by end users.
Particular objectives are:
- To critically review the existing procedures for risk reduction in early warning system and operational earthquake forecasting.
- To identify a set of different risk mitigating actions that different groups of decision-makers can take, given an operational earthquake forecast, or early earthquake warning.
- To undertake an explorative cost-benefit analysis to assess which actions are warranted by the corresponding benefit in risk reduction.
- To review practical options for effective public risk communication, recognizing the advisories and alerts given for other perils to which European populations are exposed.
- To build prototype examples of decision-making for specific target areas.
- To propose methods of delivering public communication, recognizing the value of a degree of self organization in community decision making.

Structure of the WP
Task 6.1: Decision-making procedures for operational earthquake forecast
Task 6.2: Decision-making procedures in time dependent risk assessment framework
Task 6.3: Participatory Decision Making
Task 6.4: Feasibility of a Decision support system