WP1 - Project coordination and management
WP Leader: Alfonso Rossi Filangieri - AMRA

This WP is designed to oversee the administrative and financial management and to ensure financial and scientific/technical coordination, project planning and evaluation of the project progress.
Detailed objectives are:
- Coordination and monitoring of the work of the research teams;
- A clear and swift communication between the Project and the EC officers;
- An effective and wide circulation of the project information among the participants;
- The respect of scheduled dates;
- A proper and coordinated financial management;
- A link between issues related to the activities and the financial management;
- Management of disagreements and problems that could arise during the project;
- A proper preparation of the reports (technical, financial, etc.).

Structure of the WP
Task 1.1: Establish management and governance
Task 1.2: Financial coordination
Task 1.3: Monitor deliverable, attainment of milestones, progress reporting
Task 1.4: Call and coordination of Project Meetings
Task 1.5: Project Website for Management Purpose