Friday, 30 November 2012 18:28
AGU fall meeting 2012
San Francisco, 3-7 December
The REAKT project will be presented at the next AGU fall meeting with the following works:
- Behr Y., Cua G.B, Clinton J. F, Heaton T. H, Evaluation of Real-Time Performance of the Virtual Seismologist Earthquake Early Warning Algorithm in Switzerland and California
- Bossu R, Lefebvre, Roussel, Mazet-Roux, Real time characterization of effects and source parameters of the Mineral, Virginia earthquake from website traffic analysis
- Lippiello E., Marzocchi W., de Arcangelis L., Godano C., Spatial organization of foreshocks as a tool to forecast large earthquakes
- Marmureanu A, Cioflan C., Ionescu C., Elia L., Zollo A., Colombelli S., Martino C. , Towards an Integrated Regional Early Warning System For Romania - Vrancea Earthquakes: Test and Performances
- Touati S., Naylor M., Main I.n, Detection of temporal changes in earthquake rates
- Zollo A., Colombelli S., Elia L., Emolo A., Festa G, Martino C., Marcucci S., PRESTo Earthquake Early Warning System: Feasibility Study For A Nation-Wide Deployment Using An Integrated Regional and On-site Approach